Your Nose is the First Indicator if You are Approaching Death

The idea of death is ingrained in human nature, and the way we imagine it corresponds to the image of a dead person, animal, bird, or insect. What ties them all together, if anything, that we hadn’t previously thought of? the odor.

Current study indicates that although the human nose is unable to categorize the vast array of odors it can detect, it is still capable of responding to them. like the smell

created by a substance called putrescine. It’s important to note that this chemical, which the body releases when something starts to decompose, is the result of the animal’s necrophobic behavior during the course of its evolution. Necrophobic responses are thought to have emerged at least 420 million years ago.

It is thought that animals respond to the scent of putrescine in one of two ways: either they perceive the presence of a predator nearby or that their lives are in jeopardy, in which case they feel the need to flee.

To demonstrate that human reflexes and behavior are identical to those of animals, scientists have done four different experiments on humans using a solution of putrescine, water, and ammonia.


The first experiment involved exposing individuals to the smell of putrescine and testing their alertness while they were exposed to it. The results revealed that those who were exposed to the smell of putrescine displayed much higher levels of alertness than those who were exposed to ammonia and water. Vigilance

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